Spectral tuning is not rocket science

In the following section we will show you how to increase yields and quality with the help of four basic strategies, based on real world examples.

Customer: a Medical Cannabis Producer in Switzerland

What did we do?

  • We installed 5 research boxes inside an existing flowering room. Each box contained the usual number of plants (clones from the same mother plant) with the same basic conditions (fertilization and watering schemes and CO2 levels).
  • We applied 5 different dimming strategies, one for each box. During flowering we monitored the development of the plants (state of health, size, etc.). Furthermore we had a weekly call with the master grower to discuss the results.
  • We gathered the results and selected the two most promising dimming strategies for the next trial. We further optimized those two dimming strategies over the course of the following trials.


  • Even after the first trial, we measured an increase in yields from 500g to 560g with the two most promising dimming strategies.
  • After the second trial we succeeded in achieving yields of up to 610g and a reduction of flowering time by 4 days.
  • Furthermore the plants were healthier, leading to better quality buds.

What we learned:

  • A sophisticated dimming strategy leads to a reduction of stress and therefore an increase in plant productivity.