The Cropter

Witness the next innovation in horticultural lighting technology. Cropter is the first LED grow light equipped with fully adjustable spectral tuning and light distribution capabilities. By allowing you to fine-tune crucial lighting parameters, Cropter expands your ability to influence outcomes, providing a completely customized experience that puts you in control of cultivation. With Cropter, the future of lighting is yours today.

Tunable Intensity and Spectrum

Since individual plant strains react uniquely to different types of light, it can be challenging to pinpoint optimal wavelengths for cultivation. In the past, this meant buying multiple grow lights, and even then you were limited to the spectral range of what you owned.

Cropter both streamlines this process and expands your capabilities by letting you calibrate the spectral balance and intensity of your lighting. Using its three tunable LED channels, you can achieve an equivalent spectral blend to nearly any grow light on the market, as well as recreate all sorts of natural lighting conditions. Plus, you can easily alter light frequencies with the touch of a button.


Cropter’s three LED channels (blue, red and white) allow for three-way tuning across the full visual light spectrum (400-700nm). But that’s only the beginning of what’s possible. For those interested in exploring further reaches of the spectrum (such as Far Red and UV), Spectral Extension Mods are available for expanding your Cropter’s tuning capabilities.

Adjustable Light Distribution

In order to maximize yield and quality, all of your plants must receive an equivalent amount of light. That’s why Cropter is equipped with four LED light heads, with no secondary lenses used. But that’s not all: Cropter is the first grow light that allows for adjustable light distribution. Each of the four arms that support the light heads can be extended as needed to maximize coverage. This patent-pending design ensures that not just some but all of your plants get the light they need to thrive.

Cropter Technical Data

Technical Data 
Electrical power0-780 W
Max output (PPF)1,570 µmol/s
System efficiencyup to 2.1 µmol/J
Spectral adjustability3 channels: 0 - 100% (CC-Dimming)
Recommended coverage area25 sq. ft. (5 x 5 ft.)
12 sq. ft. (4 x 4 ft.)
Auto voltage100 - 240 V
Maximum current6.6 A @ 120 V (3.3 A @ 240 V)
3.4 A @ 230 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power factor>0.98
Heat output1,651 BTU (max. 2,751 BTU)
Ambient temperatures50 - 104 °F
Thermal managementActive
Weight22.7 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH)1.9 x 1.9 x 0.5 ft.
Lifetime rating (overall system)50,000+ hours of operation
Warranty5 years
CertificationsCE, UL in progress

Spectral Extension Mods

Spectral Extension Mods (SEMs) provide an affordable way for ambitious growers to get more out of their Cropters. Each Mod consists of four auxiliary light heads that attach to Cropter to add a fourth fully tunable LED channel. By expanding your spectral palette, an SEM allows you to incorporate far-reaching wavelengths for advanced tuning and selective breeding purposes. Choose from UVA, UVB, Green, White and Far-Red.

For more information on Spectral Extension Mods, refer to the following table:

Cropter Extensionpeak nmµmol/swatts

Each of the extensions is only functional in combination with the Cropter and has to be ordered seperately.

The Cropter Control Hub

By adding software-enabled programming and automation functionality, Cropter Control HUB unlocks Cropter’s true capabilities. This powerful console makes it easy to program lighting recipes and schedule them to run at specific times of day (as well as on a calendar schedule). Additionally, each HUB can control hundreds of Cropters. Simply log on to the HUB’s built-in UI with your computer and discover the possibilities.


Initial Setup

Set up light recipes

set up light schedules

Import/export light
recipes and schedules

delete light recipes
and schedules

preview mode

Air Sensor


The Cropter AIR Sensor

Light isn’t the only factor that impacts plants’ growth and development: atmospheric conditions also have an influential effect. That’s why we developed the Cropter AIR Sensor. This supplemental device allows you to dynamically track temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels in conjunction with lighting parameters.