5 Quick Facts About Spectral Tuning

Learn more about Spectral Tuning, the new frontier in agricultural lighting.

In our natural world, the spectral blend of sunlight is constantly changing.

1. Light isn’t static.

In our natural world the spectral blend of light is constantly changing. The intensity and color of the sunlight we receive slowly shifts over the course of the day and throughout the seasons, filtered by the angle of the atmosphere and the earth’s progress along its orbit. Plants have evolved to respond to these natural spectral changes, syncing their life cycles to this process. Scientists are now starting to shine a light on just how much these light spectrum cues influence the plants we grow.

Light is way more than just energy to plants.

2. Light > food.

Light is way more than just energy to plants. It also helps plants to know when and how to grow. So far, science has discovered 100 genes and 26 biochemical pathways that are regulated by light and triggered by five families of photoreceptors. We already know of at least 12 super-beneficial receptors that control flowering, plant and leaf architecture, biomass, plant immunity & defense, stress tolerance and those good, good phytoceuticals.

Newly invented LED technology has opened up full spectral control in just one light system.

3. Harness the Light.

Conventional lights are stuck with one snapshot of the light spectrum. Until recently, growers have worked around this by switching from MH to HPS during flowering, changing the spectral mixture by activating completely separate sets of lights. Newly invented LED technology has opened up control of the full range of Spectral Tuning in just one light system. Now you can target photoreceptors to activate these morphological processes, giving you groundbreaking new tools for your grows, and a strong competitive advantage.

Spectral tuning can increase yields, bud quality, phytoceutical levels, and more more.

4. Discovery: unlocking potential.

Until now, we have worked exclusively with academic, government, and scientific labs, equipping their agricultural research. Through their exploration, we have been able to confirm spectral tuning can increase yields, overall bud quality, phytoceutical levels (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc), and significantly reduce cultivation time. We’re even experimenting with targeting and increasing production of specific terpenes and cannabinoids (from the ever-expanding list). We’re only just starting to unlock the potential of the light/color spectrum. Join our crowdsourced science Community to help drive these ground-breaking discoveries!

Tune your spectrum to keep up with whatever comes next in the fast-paced cannabis industry.

5. It’s the new frontier.

What does this mean for you? Let’s recap. We’ve got the technology to let you dial in the settings for your specific strains and give you even more control of your grow. This means you’ll be able to increase the bud quality and terpene levels, shape your plant, optimizing its height, width, and fullness. You can significantly reduce cultivation time meaning more grow cycles (meaning more moula). You’ll be on the cutting edge of amplifying specific cannabinoids. And you’ll be primed to tune your spectrum to keep up with the fast-paced cannabis industry. The future of spectral tuning is in your hands.