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The Cropter is developed and manufactured in Germany. All companies involved are small and medium-sized companies from Germany. The Cropter is assembled by hand in Dresden and every unit is tested for at least 24h before it gets shipped.

We mainly use OSRAM, Nichia, and Cree chips. But as important as the chips is the overall thermal design. From heatsinks to PCB material, every aspect has to be considered with the same passion like choosing the LED chips.

Yes of course! To use the HUB you will need a router to establish a network but it does not have to be connected to the internet. We also recommend using LAN cables instead of WIFI.

For beginners, SEMs are not necessary because exploring the capacity of the Cropter will take some time. The SEMs are interesting for advanced growers who are interested in manipulating compound profiles or researchers who are interested in digging deep into spectral tuning.

Absolutely Not! The idea behind the Community is to connect growers around the world and to kickstart spectral science research on Cannabis and other plants.

*grow consultation on Cannabis is only available if you live in a legal state or country that permits personal cultivation of cannabis.